Top tips to increase the number of followers on Instagram

calendar 19/05/16

Instagram is the social media of the moment. It continues to grow and today it is an essential marketing tool for companies, with 400 million people online per month and more than 80 million photos and videos posted every day.


calendar 16/05/16

The most famous machine translation system in the world makes ten years. The aim of its developers was to break down language barriers and make everyone in the world more connected.

TWITTTER: Born the Connect Tab!

calendar 09/05/16

The social network is getting better its potential in order to facilitate the connection between the subscribers, who can access a separate section and see a list of people and accounts by Twitter.

The Future of Videos on Social Networks

calendar 28/04/16

In 2020, the mobile data traffic will be occupied for the 75% by video. We are not surprising for this estimate, because we know that today Facebook people watch 100 million hours of video per day.

Video Marketing and Storytelling: Emotional Influence

calendar 19/04/16

The purpose is to create an emotional bond with people and to give them at the same time an effective and fair representation of the company. This is especially true with videos of storytelling, which many companies have adopted to "tell a story" capable of giving emotions to the public.

Fair Padova: the new video of Padova Promex that promotes territory’s image and excellence.

calendar 01/07/15

Padua has a history full of precursors and pioneers in science, music, engineering, from Galileo to the space’s missions. A city to discover for its culture, territory, economic and business firms.

Open Day Sdc Trade: two days of great success

calendar 22/06/15

A big party organized by the School of Community Trade for Open Day on June 14 in Orzinuovi (Brescia) and June 21 in Selvazzano (Padua).

Prank Adverting: the viral joke

calendar 09/06/15

Prankvertising campaigns are multiplying because the brands have understood the enormous potential in terms of virality, in fact affect not only the protagonists but also we spectators 2.0 who want more companies ready to give us emotions, rather than cold information.

Advertising participative: interact with speakers ads

calendar 09/06/15

So in 2015, according to industry experts, interactive advertising, after the experiments of the last months, will definitely get a foothold in the web and not just. To "simple" effective slogan combined with appealing images, will replace storytelling and interactive ads, which mimic the behavior [...]

Lead Nurturing: communicates with your customer

calendar 27/05/15

What do we do when we have collected and organized the contacts of our potential customers in the database? This is the most difficult task: convert the user's interest in a sale.