The Future of Videos on Social Networks

In 2020, the mobile data traffic will be occupied for the 75% by video. We are not surprising for this estimate, because we know that today Facebook people watch 100 million hours of video per day.
These incredible numbers have prompted the BBDO to understand how to make a successful video for mobile.
They performed various tests to compare the success of TV advertising campaigns with the success of Facebook’s optimized spots. The second one have detected clearly superior in terms of popularity.
So, what are the measures that we can take to make a successful video?
First of all, the advertiser who wants to place a movie on Facebook’s news section has to consider the mobile features. You are wrong if you post the same video of the TV advertising campaigns. 
You have to do shorts and creatives video. These videos must be able to attract immediately the attention of people. 
They recommends the use of exciting, colourful and evocative images to emerge in the public interest.
Another element that we cannot overshadow (and differs of classical advertising) is the addition of text, which explain the meaning of the video. 
TRP (Target Rating Point) and DMA (Designed Market Areas) will be soon available to improve the useful functions of targeting. You will be able also to show the news in specific time slots, improving the vision’s results