Video Marketing and Storytelling: Emotional Influence

Videos are the online market’s benchmark of our present: they are more likely to place among the first page of search engine results, they are simple to create and they are able to attract the attention of potential customers, increasing the chances of conversion.
A study about video advertising in America highlights in 2014-2020 as this is bound to grow exponentially.
The specialists will invest more and more in the video, because this goes simultaneously with the increasing use of the mobile. (In 2019, the 50% of mobile data traffic will be due to the video display).
While sometimes ago making a nice video was simple, today things have changed. You need to make a careful preliminary analysis to define specific objectives. It must be a precise study to understand how to attract the attention of the relevant public and to define the relationship between brand and target.
The purpose is to create an emotional bond with people and to give them at the same time an effective and fair representation of the company. This is especially true with videos of storytelling, which many companies (one of all, Apple) have adopted to "tell a story" capable of giving emotions to the public. 
The goal is to make the brand viral intercepting the needs of the audience and showing the human side of the company through a video that entertain, that people can appreciate and share with pleasure.
Therefore, today a video is the most effective way of communication for freelancers and companies. If you have some difficult making a video, the initiative to Native Northeast ( is interesting because it organizes in the northeast cities (Padova, Vicenza and Treviso) short training courses to learn how to shoot, edit and share videos, commercials, interviews simply using your own smartphone or tablet.